ACAA Spanac

Ero the Joker

Geographical origin: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Music: Jakov Gotovac
Choreographer: Branko Markovich

The choreography is set to the music from the final act of comic opera by Jakov Gotovac "Ero s onoga svijeta" (literally: "Ero from That (Heaven) World", usually translated as: "Ero the Joker"). The libretto, adapted by Milan Begovich, is taken from the famous folk tale. Textual and musical content for opera can be found in the folklore of the people in a wide area of the former Yugoslavia - from the Croatian Zagorje to the Kosovo female songs from Gnjilane.

The story takes place in the early autumn in a small town somewhere in the valley below the mountain Dinara. As the author said: "The time is present-day, as the time hundred years ago." This impressive choreography is characterized by strong dance-steps, but also with lyrical and aesthetic representations of the character of the people from the Dalmatian Zagorje.