ACAA Spanac

Academic Choir

Academic Choir "Spanac" was founded in 1954. Numerous compositions belonging to different music styles have been performed by the choir: from renaissance to contemporary music, choral jazz and negro spiritual music, pop and folk music. Special emphasis is given to the interpretation of Serbian, Yugoslav and Balkan composers, while Eastern Orthodox spiritual music presents a major part of the repertoire.

During the last decades, many hardworking and famous Yugoslav conductors, such as Franc Klinar, Dushan Maksimovich, Miloje Nikolich, Slobodan Bursac, Djordje Stankovich took part in the Choir's success. So far, the Choir held thousands of concerts both in Serbia and at competitions and festivals around the world. The quality of the choir's performance was recognized and awarded on many occasions. For the interpretation of Eastern Orthodox a capella music and being involved in liturgical life of Serbian Church, The Choir was awarded Gramata of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Pavle.