ACAA Spanac

Ensemble of Folk Music

Ensemble of Folk Music - orchestra "Spanac", the heart of our Association, is consisted of trained and academically educated musicians. With the guidance of experts in the music field, they are devoted to the folk music and songs. High quality interpretation is based on the pure traditional music professionally adapted or arranged without any kind of kitsch or vulgar imitation.

The Orchestra contains various instruments: accordion, violin, viola, cello, double bass, tambur, guitar, flute, clarinet, pipe (recorder), trumpet, cimbalom (hammered dulcimer), percussions and drums.

In its repertoire, the orchestra has a solo instrumental compositions and instrumental accompaniment of vocal soloists that are based primarily on the music tradition of Serbia and the Balkans, but also on many other styles and musical forms (Argentine tango, dance music of Western Europe, North and South America, jazz standards and jazz adaptations of traditional music). Essentially important and necessary part of the repertoire are instrumental accompaniments for choreographies performed by folk dance ensemble.