ACAA Spanac

Ensemble of Folk Dances and Songs

Ensemble of Folk Dances and Songs or colloquially folklore is organized into four sub-ensembles:

  • THE PERFORMING - first ensemble
  • THE PREPARATORY - second ensemble
  • FOLK DANCE SCHOOL - our youngest
  • THE VETERANS - ensemble of our veterans
The Performing Folk Dance Ensemble and Folk Music Orchestra together perform a full-length concert program made up of very attractive dances and songs from all parts of Serbia and the Balkans. Carefully selected choreographies, through music and performing art, represent the characteristics of the people and their customs from which they originate.

Dance music is primarily based on the folk music or traditional music motifs that are, with various composing techniques, placed in the function of certain musical and dance form. Archaic gestures and movements are stylized and artistically formed in one unity - choreography. The largest part of the choreographies was created by the one of the greatest Serbian artists, expert in "soul of folklore", maestro Branko Marković, longtime artistic director.