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Academic Theatre

Academic Theatre "DES" (DES = Drama Experimental Studio) is the only theatre in the municipality of Novi Beograd with permanent repertoire throughout the year. It deals with education, production, diffusion of innovations and theatrical entertainment. Primary objectives of Theatre are: to release the potentials of every member so that each individual is able to express creativity, to stimulate and enable the acceptance of historical, cultural and artistic achievements and diversity automatically using, understanding and enjoying them, dealing with the problems of the modern society.

Repertoire is based on the themes which deal with modern life and the eternal questions of mankind allowing and supporting the work of young actors, playwrights and directors.

Beside playing performances on its own stage, Theatre DES organize visits and tours in the other amateur or professional theatres in the country and abroad, taking part in national and international festivals, radio and television stations, representing activities and performances from the regular repertoire to the wider audience .

The activities at our Acting School are organized in accordance with the program of the Acting Department in the Belgrade Faculty of Dramatic Arts. They consist of various individual and group training ( physical and voice practice, dance, stage combat, stage movement, diction, voice technique, acting) and lessons in theory and history of drama and theatre.